Councillors to address rural housing concerns in new development plan

The elected members of Mayo County Council are set to address their concerns over the lack of opportunities for people to obtain planning permission for housing projects in rural areas close to urban centres in the new upcoming review of the current county development plan. At the May meeting of Mayo County Council Independent Cllr Richard Finn tried to have a clause inserted in the new draft Claremorris Local Area Plan to make it easier for people to get planning permission in areas that are under urban pressure.

He was informed at the meeting that he was too late to do so as the plan had already gone out for public submissions and passed with any amendments that were approved. However he was told that the upcoming review of the county development plan would be the place to make such submissions and suggestions so it could be dealt with on a county wide basis. This suggestion was greeted warmly by the body of the council. The current stage of that review is out for submissions from the public until Friday next May 24.


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