Nissan launches new finance product

Nissan has launched a new finance product, which, it says, offers customers a surprisingly affordable way to drive a new Nissan.

Nissan Ireland says the main benefit of 'Nissan Go' for most people is that the monthly repayments and terms of the agreement are lower than conventional hire purchase agreements or personal loans.

It says lower monthly repayments are possible because an agreed final buyback value of the car and any deposit paid at the start of the agreement are not included in the amount to be financed.

So, effectively customers are financing a much smaller amount over an agreed period rather than the full price of the car.

So how does it work? With Nissan Go customers choose the car they would like to drive, choose a deposit, choose how long they would like the contract to run for and the mileage they intend to drive, agree a final value for the car when they return it, and you get fixed low cost motoring for the term of the contract.

When the contract is up motorists have three choices. They can: a ) start again with a new car and a new contract. b ) choose to buy the car outright for the final value of the car agreed at the start of the contract; or c ) return the vehicle with no further commitments.

Under the Nissan Go scheme, Nissan Ireland says customers can drive a new Micra from €149 per month, a new Note from €189 per month, a new Juke from €199 per month, or a new Nissan Qashqai from €249 per month.


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