Dunbeg residents still left waiting

Castlebar Town Council management has promised to have a full report on Dunbeg estate for the next meeting of the council. A delegation of residents from the estate attended last week’s meeting of the council and outlined their concerns since the withdrawal of the agent employed by the management company in the estate, which, according to one resident, has left the residents to become accountants, solicitors, and bankers overnight as they try to run the management company.

The removal of services by the agent has left the residents fearful over public liability concerns, and repairs to lighting and footpaths, and where the responsibility lies. The residents are looking for the council to take over the estate and take on responsibility for the services.

The residents asked the council for a definitive date as to when the council could take over the estate. However town manager Seamus Granahan told the meeting that he could not give a date as the planning permission for the estate called for a management company to be installed in the estate, and that would have to be removed first.

He also told the meeting that having got legal advice he was advised not to give the residents advice on what to do, to ensure the council would not be held liable. He did commit to have a report on the estate ready for the next meeting as to what steps could be taken, and would try to have a date for take-over for the residents at that meeting.


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