Retail Excellence Ireland says Government not doing enough to stimulate the economy

Retail Excellence Ireland, Ireland’s largest retail group, has this week condemned the government for not doing enough to stimulate the domestic economy and, in particular, the retail industry in Ireland.

Reacting to the latest CSO retail sales figures for February 2013, David Fitzsimons, CEO Retail Excellence Ireland, said: “It is disappointing to see that there is still no great improvement in retail sales in Ireland. Retailers were hoping that 2013 would demonstrate positive growth in the retail sector; however as the CSO figures over the past few months show – this is not the case. The Government needs to take immediate action and implement practical measures to aid our struggling retail industry.”

Also reacting to the Vision Net figures, which states that five businesses fail each month in Ireland, Mr Fitzsimons added: “The retail industry has seen many businesses fail and over 70,000 jobs lost since 2008. Retailers continue to battle with increasing and untenable business costs, high rents, as well as a very cautious consumer. Attention needs to be applied to the domestic economy immediately.”


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