Krav Maga eXplode for kids and teens

Every day our children are in various situations where inappropriate and often violent behaviour occurs. Krav Maga eXplode for kids offers some of the highest quality self defence, bully prevention, personal development, and physical fitness training for children in a fun, dynamic, and encouraging environment.

Krav maga is the official self-defence system of the Israeli defence forces. It is an easy-to-learn yet highly effective self-defence system that emphasises instinctive movements, practical techniques and realistic training scenarios. The children's programme takes krav maga techniques normally taught to adults and presents them in an age appropriate and responsible manner.

Children can benefit in many ways from practising krav maga, such as: increased self-confidence and self-esteem; increased self-discipline involving setting limits, establishing consistent consequences, and making positive behaviours a habit; understanding the importance of respect for self and others and understanding that bullying is not to be practised or condoned; increased level of fitness and flexibility; improves social skills and interaction with others, and children learn how to defend themselves.

Classes will take place in Castlebar and Ballina. For more information contact Robert on 087 065 9709.; [email protected]



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