Small and Fancy playing in Downhill Hotel

Paul and Nancy, who used to be known as Karisma, are now Small & Fancy and will be entertaining everyone over the Christmas holidays in Frog’s Bar in the Downhill Hotel on Thursday December 27, 28, 29 and 30.

They are both blessed with strong individual voices and their vocal harmonies are smooth and a pleasure to listen too. Nancy who hails from New York plays piano, and with her strong stage type voice she can sing almost any song you wish to hear. Paul, who is Irish born, has worked as a solo singer/guitarist all over Canada, and he liked Vancouver so much it was his home for many years. He has a touch of folk and has a clear tenor voice which is a perfect blend with Nancy's sultry tones. They have entertained in many countries and it really shows in their performances

They mix their music now with a combination live piano/guitar and now have introduced quality backing tracks, always singing live.

Material ranges from the Carpenters to the Beatles to Van Morrison, Michael Buble and add some country, with a little rock n roll, and a tasteful mix of the old classics. To top it off Nancy has a roving microphone and if the night feels right they will get the audience really involved.

It all adds up to a great night's entertainment so do drop in and say hello, bring in your friends — you will be happy you did.


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