Martin glad that NRA signs will go

Westport town councillor Keith Martin has welcomed the announcement by the National Roads Authority that the white licence plate style signage recently erected on Westport’s cut-stone bridges was erected in error and will be removed.

Westport's bridges were recently inspected by the NRA and the signs were erected as part of that process, however due to the aesthetic and heritage value of certain bridges the NRA have a policy of not erecting such signs in urban areas where such signage might not be appropriate to the area's aesthetics.

The NRA has acknowledged that Westport's cut stone bridges, which are listed monuments, should not have been signposted and the body has promised to remove the controversial signage in the coming days.

Welcoming the move, Labour councillor Martin says: “The sudden appearance of these horrible signs was a big issue in a heritage town such as Westport and they were raised with me on numerous occasions and at a recent Labour Party meeting. Westport Town Council was immediately in touch with the NRA and they realised their error and have taken steps. I look forward to the removal of the signs.”



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