Tractors are not trucks MEP Jim Higgins tells EU Commission

MEP Jim Higgins has hit out at EU plans to force farmers, who own tractors capable of doing speeds of more than 40km/h, to do a vehicle test in the same way that trucks are presently tested.

Speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels, MEP Higgins said: “I have made road safety a key priority, and while I welcome some of the proposals, I made absolutely clear to Commissioner Kallas that I would not support increased red tape for farmers. Tractors should not be treated as trucks. To do this, will mean increased costs and paperwork for farmers. The proposal is off the wall.”

Article 2 of the Commission proposal says that tractors which can do a speed of over 40km/h should be subject to new EU NCT style rules. “This is not the way forward,” added MEP Higgins.

This week was the first day the European Parliament debated the Commission proposals published in July. “I am keen to stress that these are only the very early stages of the proposals. That said, I want to make clear to the commission that farmers should not come under an undue increased administrative burden.”


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