Cruises for singles with Castle Travel

Single cruises are an ideal way to meet other single people who are shopping for a significant other or just a great time. It is not easy meeting other single people, which is why taking advantage of these opportunities might be your best way to meet new people. You know that the people aboard are out for the same reason that you are.

Are you single and can't seem to meet that someone special? Do you enjoy having a good time while also being treated like a king or queen in your own castle? Once onboard, you are going to be thrown into the social scene headfirst. There are activities and events that are designed for people to get to know one another. Simple games and mixers are perfect for introductions. You will have more friends and social opportunities on this cruise than you ever do at home.

You have to realise that everyone else on that ship is just like you: single and looking for love or companionship. Thus you don't have to be shy on a singles cruise. Singles cruises provide various activities that are generally couple-oriented, which means that you will be paired with someone else during the activities. If you're a man, you'll usually be paired with a woman and vice versa. It's a fantastic way to meet people as you both laugh, trying to compete against other couples, who might also be complete strangers. For those who want time to be alone and relax, there are high-tech fitness centres, luxurious spas, and fully stocked libraries.

After the activities, you and that person can meet afterwards for drinks or have dinner together in the dining hall. There's plenty to do, so it’s almost like being in your own private resort. There's no better way to meet up with someone than on a cruise. Speak to one of the travel consultants at Castle Travel and see what you have been missing all this time.

Time of your life

You can embark on a different adventure when the boat docks at the various ports of call. Interact with the locals, shop in the stores or just see the sights, all with that special someone you may have just met. The best attitude is to go in to have fun, sometimes true love connections happen on singles cruises, both on and off the boat. You will not feel let down if you don't expect much. There is someone out there for everyone and you may or may not find them on a singles cruise, but it's certain that you'll have the time of your life.

You get to explore a number of countries and a variety of cultures and it is this factor that makes a cruise interesting. Not only will you find yourself sailing to a variety of destinations, you are also guaranteed to find something for everyone on a cruise.

You can begin to search for your cruise based on the ports that you would be interested in visiting and the kind of ship that will offer the most for you. All cruise ships tend to stick to high quality in service and dining.

Due to the many different activities that are offered, cruise planning tends to require additional preparation in comparison to other holidays. Ensure that you pack accordingly and are well aware of clothing requirements before boarding your ship. Comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must if you are likely to be sight-seeing. With some advance planning and organisation, you can board your ship with the confidence that you are ready for anything as you set sail on your exciting cruise.

Please feel free to contact CruiseChoice (division of Castle Travel Worldchoice ) on 094 902 4244 or call in to our office on Ellison Street, Castlebar (between the Bank of Ireland and Heatons ).

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