Focus on prevention and wellness now

Chronic diseases affect a high percentage of the Irish population with the onset of chronic disease starting earlier and earlier. The main causes of chronic diseases are poor diet, lack of adequate exercise, obesity, poor nutrition, and stress and negativity along with toxins in our air, food and water. These things cumulatively damage our immune system, drain our energy and make our bodies vulnerable to disease. Smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse also hurt our health.

So, to reduce healthcare costs and to make sure our quality of life is preserved until we reach old age, our focus must be on taking self responsibility to inform ourselves about the options for prevention and wellness. We must address the root causes of disease with education, wellness programmes, alternative therapies that empower people to have better lifestyle choices, and work towards a system that rewards people who take care of themselves.

People need to be taught how to reduce stress (including financial and relationship stress ). They should be taught techniques for positive thinking and how to achieve and maintain a state of happiness, balance, inner peace, peace of mind and optimism. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic are all examples of valuable alternative medicine that help to address these issues.

Balancing our home life and work life by adding plenty of play, relaxation, and inner reflection all remind us that happiness is the natural state of our being and does not cost the earth.

For information on how you can help yourself stay healthy and improve your quality of wellbeing though out your lifespan, contact the team at the ISHSKO Centre, Barrack Yard, Westport on 098 26200.


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