Finding your inner bike chick after 40

If you’re over 40 then it is time to get in touch with the wild side and bring some fun back into the way you dress, so that you don’t end up feeling and looking like a dowdy old lady. Why not get noticed for the wonderful person that you are? And use clothes to do it. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you find your true style.

Do search for inspiration

Do you know a woman who is fabulous over 40 because she always seems pulled together and has great style? Take note of what she wears. For example, if she is wearing leather and you don’t wear leather, give it a go. Experiment with different pieces. Try adding a leather jacket or skirt.

Do shop somewhere new

If you are still shopping at the same stores, in the same departments, why not shake things up a bit? Step out of your comfort zone and try shopping somewhere new. Small boutique stores tend to carry the most current and updated styles. They also carry small designer brands, so when you buy something, you are sure to look unique in your new outfit.

Don’t allow yourself to blend in

After the 40s it is time to sizzle, not fade away. One way to express your true personality is with colour. Even if you live in black, just a dash of colour, from your bag to your shoes or scarf, can take you from dull to dashing in an instant. If in doubt about the right colour for you, hold the item near your face and analyse how it complements your hair, eyes and complexion. A colour should not wash you out, or be so loud that you see it before you see you.

Don’t be afraid to let go

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is all those clothes packed into your wardrobe. Pull up your bootstraps, roll up your sleeves and start throwing things out. Get rid of everything that is no longer who you are today—at this present moment. Let go of the past and leave a great big hole in your wardrobe to welcome the new you.

Do spend a little more if necessary

If you see something that is really you, but you are holding back because of the price, then it is all right to sometimes just buy it. You will wear it many times more than just another bargain, boring item from a sale rack. I like to call this CPW (cost per wear ). If you average the amount you spend on an item by the number of times you wear it, it can justify the original expense. Never let price hold you back from looking fabulous.

Don’t get stuck in a hair rut

If you are still sporting a style you have had for the last 15 years, you look old. Even if you wear the latest clothes and accessories, if your hairstyle is dated, you look dated. How do you know when you need a new hairstyle? Make an appointment with a reputable hair salon. Ask for one of the top stylists. Discuss your personality lifestyle, not the haircut you want. Let them suggest what look they believe will reveal the real you. Listen to what they say and believe them. Add colour, a new cut or style. Make the change and don’t look back.

Discovering the real you is a process, but it is well worth it to rev up your wardrobe and start dressing with more flair and pzzazz. You will be a force to be reckoned with and see if you’re not feeling stronger and more ambitious each day. Embrace all your style—it is not about just one look—it’s about finding a style that reflects the inner you.


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