New exhibition open at the Custom House

A new exhibition of works by American painter Jill Madden has opened at the Custom House Studios in Westport, and it will run until September 2.

Jill Madden is a Vermont-based painter who was born in Boston and raised in Rhode Island among a large creative family. Jill has an MFA from Boston University and a BA from Middlebury College. Her current body of work examines moments of solitude in the surrounding environment.

Of this exhibition, Madden said: “The recognizable segments of rural life: woods, snow, sky, lakes, and rivers permeate my work. I investigate brief sun and moon shadows and light cast through and onto these objects. Paths could indicate figures’ presence or absence. The idea that nature promises an idyllic life filled with beauty and peace influences the images, as do several of my favourite poets. Both local colour and memory inform my palette. When not in my studio, I can be found hiking and skiing in the northern New England woods. My current body of work examines moments of solitude in the surrounding environment.”

Also on display this month in Custom House studios is a selection of work from a number of artists. Those include works by Breda Burns, Pam Gray, Bríd Kivneen, Caroline Masterson, Niall McCormack, Amanda Rice and Ian Wieczorek. The exhibition runs until September 2 also.


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