Why waste money on waxing and shaving?

Save money with laser hair removal

Why continue to shave and wax when you can have laser hair removal and enjoy a hair-free body, day in, day out, from just €65 per treatment (current special offer for any bikini area ) at Therapie Clinic? Imagine no more unattractive stubble or the dangerous manoeuvres of sticking your legs in the bathroom sink every night. Apart from the money you will save, imagine the amount of time you will save, not to mention the embarrassment of inadvertently revealing a stubbly leg or underarm. Yes ladies (and let us not forget the guys out there ), laser hair removal is the way forward.

Therapie Clinic is the leader in laser hair removal in Ireland. Staff at Therapie use only the most advanced technology on the market, using medical-grade lasers as opposed to intense pulse light (IPL ). This is absolutely critical when it comes to getting the best possible results.

Therapie Clinic uses the Candela Alexandrite and Soprano XL BLU machines, which are medical-grade lasers and the most precise laser machines in the world.

Therapie Clinic also offers free consultations and patch test to ensure you are compatible to laser. Generally a course of six treatments is recommended depending on the area to be treated but the results and client testimonials speak for themselves.

Contact Therapie Clinic, Shop Street in Galway on 091 539 900 or visit www.therapieclinic.com



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