Summer safety message from ESB Networks

Summer is a great time for children and young people to explore their natural surroundings and have fun. We all use electricity every day but it has many potential hazards which we all must learn to be careful with. At this time of the year, ESB Networks would like to remind both parents and young people to always be aware of the potential dangers that electricity lines and poles can pose.  

Always be aware of the presence of overhead electricity lines wherever you play or work. Overhead electricity lines are all around us. These lines are very dangerous if contact or close approach is made with them. So remember: Never climb an electricity pylon, pole or even a tree that is near an electricity line; do not allow anything that you are holding come near to an overhead line as it could cause you serious injury. If you come too close to a high voltage line, even if you do not touch it, the electricity can jump through the air and electrocute you; never fly kites or toy planes under or near overhead lines. Always go to large open spaces; do not attempt to get any objects which may have become stuck on an overhead line or on any other electrical equipment. Call ESB Networks emergency number 1850 372999 to have it removed. If you go fishing check that there are no electricity lines nearby before you begin, as a rod or fishing line that hits an overhead electricity line could kill you.

In towns, villages and housing estates, electricity is usually brought to houses on underground cables. These cables are connected to the main power supply at metal boxes. These are often positioned on the footpath or beside garden walls and are called Minipillars. They have the yellow triangular electricity warning sign on the door. Never interfere with these boxes in any way as you could get seriously injured.

Electricity sub-stations contain dangerous high voltage equipment and should never be entered or climbed on to.

Watch out again for the yellow triangular electricity warning sign on the outside. Always tell an adult if something belonging to you falls through the fence and call ESB Networks to recover it.

Never enter disused, derelict, buildings or abandoned sites as electricity and other unforeseen hazards may be present.


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