Naturopath and herbalist commencing clinic in Westport

Colleen Kennedy, CNM Graduate, Naturopath & Herbalist

Colleen Kennedy, CNM Graduate, Naturopath & Herbalist

Colleen Kennedy, naturopath and herbalist, has just opened a practice in Westport at the Body and Mind Clinic.

Colleen recalls how her interest began: “My interest and love for natural medicine combined with my love of travelling and experiencing new cultures has taken me many places. I spent time in India and Nepal studying disciplines such as yoga, mindfulness and massage. From just being interested in natural therapies as a hobby I realised this was what I wanted to do as my life’s work.

I returned to Ireland in 2006, to start a family, I decided to deepen my knowledge in natural medicine. At the time the College of Natural Medicine did not have a Galway branch so I travelled to Dublin to train as a naturopath. I studied herbs, nutrition, iridology and many other subjects. My training combined an evidence-based approach with a knowledge of traditional medicine passed down over thousands of years. I loved my training and love the work I do, so many of us are sick due to lifestyle, as a naturopath I am able to really help people restore their own healing abilities and to feel great again. I have completed five years of training with CNM, and have built a great network of colleagues and friends.”

Queries about the clinic can be made to 087 994 2291.

If you are interested in a positive career change, come to CNM’s Galway open evening is on June 11 at 7pm. Details on all courses can be found on; 01 235 3094; [email protected]


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