Mandel’s Derwent ATC competition

Mandel’s Art Shop is running a Derwent ATC competition (in store ) to coincide with its Derwent promotion. Simply drop in to the shop and get your creative ideas to work at the Derwent Competition table to create a mini work of art. Each entry will be eligible to enter a free draw as well as the competition.

(Artist trading cards - or ATCs - are miniature works of art about the same size as modern baseball cards. ) Further details are available at

How to find Mandel’s

If you are looking for Mandel’s Art Shop on Main Street in Castlebar just keep an eye out for the Archway beside Stauntons 1 Hour Photo Express (Kodak ) and you will find Mandel’s Art Shop a short step down there.

Mandel's Art Shop, Main Street, Castlebar.

Tel/Fax (094 ) 9022263

Email [email protected]


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