An Post Rás leaflet city name queried

Dear Editor,

Mayo Republican Sinn Féin condemns the use by An Post of the British colonial naming of the city of Derry as Londonderry in its booklet advertising An Post Rás 2012.

This calling of an Irish city by the name forced on it by an invader cannot be accepted. The calling of Derry by its British name by a government body is the same as saying that the Irish have no place in Ireland.

The city name of Derry was agreed when the city council democratically voted to drop the name of Londonderry as it showed an English connection to the city that the English only have by force.

I am calling on the management of An Post and the Government Minister to openly proclaim that our city of Derry is not preceded by the name of London and that they reissue the timetable leaflet with the proper map of Ireland showing the rightful city name of Derry.

Michael Rooney, PRO Mayo Republican Sinn Féin

McNeela/Gaughan/Stagg Cumann



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