Aviva redundancy changes and new jobs welcomed

The news that financial services company Aviva is to reduce the number of voluntary redundancies sought from the original figure of 770 Irish jobs down to 550, and the announcement that 220 new jobs are to be created at Aviva in Knocknacarra, Galway, has been welcomed this week.

One of Aviva’s 26 branches is located in Mayo and the office at Market Square, Castlebar, currently employs up to five people. Aviva had announced in October it was shedding almost 1,000 staff throughout its Irish and European operations, due to the merging of Aviva Ireland with Aviva UK and the restructuring of its European regional operations. The job losses comprised 180 roles from Aviva Europe and 770 from Aviva Ireland — to include job losses in the branch networks, and large centres in Cork, Galway, and in the Dublin headquarters.

Under the new agreement with Unite Trade Union representing workers, Aviva has approved a voluntary redundancy package on the basis of six weeks pay for each year worked, which is expected to be taken up by 540 workers.

Jim Higgins MEP for the North West, has welcomed the news. “I am happy, firstly, that there will be some security offered to employees in Galway who previously would have been in line for losing their jobs, and secondly, that there are so many new jobs coming on stream,” Mr Higgins said. “We have to take a national view - there will still be around 550 losses in the company, but this has long since been flagged. With the announcement of the Cisco jobs, the restructuring at Shannon International Airport and these new jobs, it's good been a good news week for the west.”


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