Lantern sculptures at the Museum of Country Life

Visitors to the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life are in for a surprise as there are some interesting new residents among the Museum’s folklife collection. These intriguing figures were made by young adults from Mayo during the Look to the Light Lantern Sculptures workshops facilitated by artist Tom Meskell. The work will be on display throughout the museum until May 25 this year. The works include two gossiping ladies, a lady with her hand on heart, a bride beside the lift and a girl in a shawl, as well as a schoolboy answering a question, a boy and a man in the kitchen and a figure sitting contemplating.

Nine talented young artists participated, making their pieces from wire and tissue. The finished pieces are lit from the inside. The inspiration for the figures came from the museum’s galleries, turning characters from rural Irish history into glowing pieces of art.


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