Ballina Dolphins success at Connacht Region B & C Swimming Gala

Ballina Dolphins Swimming Club hosted their annual Connacht B & C Gala, sponsored by Ballina Beverages at Ballina Swimming Pool recently. A large number of swimmers from Ballina Dolphins, Ballina, Sligo, Castlebar, Claremorris and Westport Swimming Clubs competed in the gala. Ballina Dolphins swimmers had great success in the featured swims – backcrawl, breaststroke and individual medley On the day seven A certificates were achieved by Ballina Dolphins swimmers; in the B category a total of three gold, three silver and one bronze were won and in the C category three gold, four silver and two bronze were won.

The first A certificate to be achieved was by Sean Canavan in the U13 backcrawl after a powerful swim. Kirsty Quinn had a great day achieving an A certificate in the U15 backcrawl, gold in the individual medley (B ) and silver in the breaststroke (B ). Lilla Frank was another swimmer who had a great swim to achieve an A certificate in the U11 breaststroke. Her brother Adam had a fantastic day achieving two A certificates in the U13 breaststroke and individual medley. Stephen Loftus was another A certificate winner in the U15 boys individual medley and a gold in the U15 breaststroke (C ). Another family affair here when Isabelle Loftus, sister of Stephen also achieved an A certificate in the U13 girls individual medley. She also won gold in the breaststroke (B ) and silver in the backcrawl (C ). In his first gala their brother Peter put in great performances in the U11 breaststroke and individual medley.

Paul Flynn was in great from and won a silver medal in the U13 boys backcrawl (B ) and also finishing with a B time in his individual medley. Claire Flynn, sister of Paul, won gold in the U15 breaststroke (C ), silver in the backcrawl (C ) and bronze in the individual medley (C ). Leah Lynn had three great swims and won a bronze in the U13 backcrawl (B ). Ruairi O’Boyle won gold (C ) in the U11 backcrawl and had two good swims in the breaststroke and individual medley. His sister Eireann won a bronze medal (C ) in the U13 breaststroke and achieved a B time in both the backcrawl and individual medley. In her first competition Tiegan Christie won a silver medal in the U13 backcrawl (C ) and had a good swim in the breaststroke.

Emily Ward was in flying form and won a silver medal (C ) in the U13 breaststroke and achieved B times in her backcrawl and individual medley. Joshua Fortune had great swims and won silver in the U11 individual medley (C ) and had great swims in the backcrawl and breaststroke. In his first gala John O’Boyle put in a great performance in the U11 boys backcrawl. The U13 girls relay team of Emily Ward, Eireann O’Boyle, Leah Lynn and Isabelle Loftus swam the race of their young lives to take gold in a very competitive race. The U11 boys team of Ruairi O’Boyle, Joshua Fortune, Peter Loftus and John O’Boyle swam a great race also.


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