Overcoming learning difficulties in children, teenagers and adults

If you or your child have a specific learning impairment (SLI ) such as dyslexia, Asperger’s, ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, etc, or a general learning difficulty (GLD ) such as poor memory, an inability to process or sequence what people are saying to you, no focus or concentration, an inability to understanding what you have just read, how much time, effort, and money is it really costing you, and what do you do when therapies do not resolve your problems?

Fast ForWord® – the scientifically accepted and validated software tool of choice, now available at Griffin Tuition in NUIG, provides average gains of 2.4 years in 16 weeks with respect to SLI and GLD, it lasts and is cost effective.

Fast ForWord® develops the essential skills necessary for proficiency in all aspects of brain function including speech, language, focus, reading, and learning by bringing the best of global neuroscientific research together with good learning practices resulting in lasting significant gains.

The Fast ForWord® programme takes on average 16 weeks to complete and has a success rate of 85 per cent at Griffin Tuition, where children start as young as six years of age for early clinical intervention. The programme can be completed on the internet at home.

Fast ForWord® is highly engaging and visually attractive and adapts to a person’s learning level to ensure maximum success.

Call (091 ) 589771 now to book a screening or to find out more log on to www.griffintuition.ie/fastforword


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