Move into harmony in 2012 with Chen-style tai chi

For centuries the art of Chen-style tai chi was a very closely-guarded secret of just a small number of families in China. Almost exclusively, parents and teachers alike passed this secret knowledge on to their children. Only in the last century has Chen style tai chi been taught and practised more widely. Tai chi or taijiquan has found its way into major spas, fitness studios, sports training, and performing-arts schools, as well as in community centres all over the world. It has evolved through the ages as a highly refined system of exercise and personal development combined for the body and the mind.

Unlike many exercise systems it does not punish the body. The art of moving the body using tai chi can be both beautiful and calming to watch, as every posture is full of energy, balance, and concentrated internal strength.

To add to all of this, the health benefits of practising can be hugely beneficial. Chen style tai chi is a series of flowing movements designed to relax and develop the whole body in a way that harmonises internally and externally regardless of age, says local instructor, Desmond Norris.

Classes will be held at Charlestown Arts Centre on Tuesday January 24, from 8pm to 9.15pm. For more information and registration contact Desmond on 087 253 3898.


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