Mayo Heritage Projects benefit from Heritage Grant Scheme

A number of heritage projects in Mayo received financial grants and support throughout 2011 under the Heritage Council Grant Scheme.

Among the projects were - Knock Museum - an archaeology project, Birdwatch Ireland, and The Michael Davitt National Memorial Association.

Commenting on the projects, Heritage Council chief executive, Michael Starrett, said: “We were delighted to support so many fantastic projects in County Mayo this year. Projects, supported by the Heritage Council have real and significant economic benefits to the Irish economy by creating local jobs and promoting local tourism. Through this grants scheme, the Heritage Council is ensuring that what makes Ireland distinctive and unique is protected for the future and that the many heritage projects in communities nationwide are receiving the support necessary for them to survive.”

The County Mayo projects funded were as follows:

An archaeology project of Neolithic and Bronze Age landscapes at the Céide Fields.

Knock Museum - funding to improve Collections of Care at Knock Museum by eliminating UV emissions from artificial lighting. Replacing existing incandescent lights with LED lights ensured the elimination of harmful UV rays for objects on display at Knock Museum. Because LED lights are more energy efficient, the implementation of this project ensured comfortable light levels for visiting public as well as the long-term preservation of the collection.

BirdWatch Ireland received funding for the protection of breeding lapwings at Annagh Marsh. Breeding lapwings, an iconic bird of the farmed countryside, could become extinct by 2015 at Annagh Marsh due to predation from foxes during the breeding season. Upgrading the existing fence to a fox-proof electrified fence has protected the last few breeding lapwings and provided a non-lethal solution to the problem.

Michael Davitt National Memorial Association received funding to restore the Penal Church where Michael Davitt was christened during the Land League. The church houses artefacts relating to the Land League and life of Michael Davitt including Land Acts from 1881 onward, letters, postcards, posters, personal artefacts, and other items relating to the Land War.



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