Drive safely this winter with Togher Tyres

Through a typical 12 month period, Ireland experiences temperatures ranging from +24C to as low as -15C

Given such diverse weather conditions it is unreasonable to expect one type of tyre to provide consistently high safety levels.

Winter weather tyres provide higher levels of road safety during the colder winter months as well as considerably shorter stopping distances on both wet and dry roads at low temperatures.

Winter weather tyres also provide better mileage than normal tyres in winter weather. The wear on normal tyres increases when used during winter months, reducing mileage by up to 20 per cent. The air temperature is crucial to your tyre’s ability to perform. When the temperature drops below 7C the tread compound in normal tyres begins to harden and gives you less grip. The tread compound in winter weather tyres contains more natural rubber to minimise the hardening effect, which gives them extra grip in cold, wet, and icy conditions. This means that with winter weather tyres you will experience significantly shorter stopping distances. Today's winter weather tyres are just as quiet and comfortable as normal tyres. Call Togher Tyres on 094 90 23531 or email for an appointment and have your tyres checked today.


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