Mayo league launches scholarship scheme

In recognition of the contribution of players to the success of soccer in the county, the Mayo League last week announced the introduction of a third-level sports scholarship scheme for the 2011/12 academic year. Five scholarships, valued at €1,000 each, will be awarded to players registered with the Mayo League. The scholarships will be of significant benefit to recipients in helping to fund their education costs.

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of an application and interview process. Applicants must have achieved the necessary academic qualifications and must show proof of acceptance to the course in the relevant third-level institute before being considered for a scholarship. A person in receipt of any other third-level scholarship will not be eligible to apply.

The recipients will receive their scholarship in two equal instalments. The first instalment will be paid in December, on completion of semester one, and the second instalment will be paid after the end of the academic year when the recipient has completed the end of year examinations.

All recipients of scholarships must complete either a Kick Start one or Kick Start two course, or a referees’ beginners course, during the academic year. They must also keep a football diary for the season and present it to the league at the end of the academic year. The Mayo League plans to make the Third-Level Sports Scholarships Scheme an annual event. However all scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis. Recipients of scholarships for the 2011/12 academic year will be required to apply for renewal of the scholarship for the following academic year.


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