Fourty per cent of over 55s are driving with impaired vision

Recent results on the driving standard from the over 55s in Mayo were extremely worrying and dangerous. Six out of 10 patients tested required spectacles for driving, however only two in 10 were wearing spectacles; that is a shocking four in 10 over 55s with vision which is below the legal standard.

Many of us do not have regular checks on our eyesight and do not realise it can deteriorate at any time. Without knowing this we are putting ourselves and others at risk on the roads. Deterioration of eyesight can not only affect your driving skills directly but also can result in tiredness, headaches and road rage due to frustration. All of these can be a danger on the road.

Here are five important reasons to have a regular eye examination:

Poor eyesight can be dangerous. Make sure that if you drive your eyesight meets the legal requirement.

Good vision means working and playing better and safer — in fact it means a better quality of life.

An eye examination checks whether your eyesight needs helping with glasses or contact lenses.

Some eye diseases can only be found during an eye test.

Eye examinations can show up some general health problems.

The law is quite straightforward — it states that any driving licence holder who cannot meet the minimum level of eyesight must not drive.

On the insurance front, if you are involved in an accident where your defective eyesight was a contributory factor, your insurance company may well argue that you were negligent and refuse to pay out.

To get your eyes tested contact Mongey opticians Ellison Street, Castlebar, 094 902 4115; Cornmarket, Ballinrobe, 094 952 1556.


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