Anti-Norris website has Mayo links

With the presidential election only weeks away and the campaign in full swing all sides are getting their arguments across through all possible mediums. One group, Campaign For Conscience, who were strong opponents of the recently passed Civil Partnership Bill, launched their own anti-David Norris website at th end of last year. The website can be found at the misleading web address of Campaign for Conscience declared on its website that “The Civil Partnership legislation is an attempted to give moral sanction and legal recognition to something which God has forbidden.” Their anti-David Norris website, while raising a number of issues about the senator’s beliefs from the past, also takes a similar religious view as to why Norris should not be elected president of Ireland. One posting on the site said about Norris’ initial withdrawal from the presidential race that it was “A triumph for truth, human decency, and hope”. For information on their campaign the website directs visitors to contact Enoch Burke at a Castlebar postal address.


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