Get ahead with private, in-home tuition from Tutor Doctor

As the children return to school, many parents start thinking about new clothes and supplies, but what about tutoring?

All parents want their children to enjoy school, achieve their best potential and go on to lead happy and successful lives. Today, however, more children than ever find school a stressful experience.

Consequently, many parents now look for additional, supplementary support. In previous years parents may not have thought to look outside of school for extra support, but now thousands simply see it as a natural part of their children’s education.

Tutor Doctor is a rapidly expanding one-on-one, in-home tutoring service designed to help students of all ages from primary right through to third level, as well as adult learners, by offering the community and students a private, easy way to catch up or get ahead in school.

With over a decade of experience helping pupils of all ages and abilities reach their potential, Tutor Doctor has a roster of qualified local tutors, who work with you in your own home. All academic subjects are available as well as music, drama and art.

For further information about how Tutor Doctor may be able to help you contact Carmel O’Brien on 087 967 9596, email [email protected] or log onto


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