Smart Travel Castlebar offers advice on car pooling

With the increasing cost of fuel, many of us are wondering if there is any realistic alternative to using our cars all the time. Smart Travel Castlebar hopes to offer a few suggestions to car drivers over the next few weeks in preparation for EU mobility week, during which the group will be giving information on cycling, car pooling, and fuel efficient driving.

In the 2006 census, it was revealed that more than four out of five workers commuted to Castlebar by car and more than 70 per cent of journeys took less than half an hour. The census also showed that only six per cent of people in Castlebar were car sharing.

Thelma Birrane, health promotion officer, HSE Mayo, said: “When asked about car pooling, people are often concerned about compromising their independence and say that they like to have access to their own car in case they need it for personal or family issues. But is car pooling an option on a temporary basis? Would you like to car pool one or two days a week and have your own car the rest of the week? In a survey carried out in a number of workplaces by Smarter Travel Workplaces, 44 per cent of respondents said they would be interested in car pooling. So, with the increased cost of fuel and many people no longer working on a full-time basis, is it worth trying out car pooling?”

The National Transport Authority has recently launched a new car pooling website called You can register free of charge on this website as an individual or set up a group.


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