The golden rules for great weight loss

1. Your metabolism is the master controller of your weight loss — even more than diet or exercise. Metabolism faults (like high blood sugar, constipation, bloating, sluggish liver, hormone imbalances, and sluggish thyroid ) will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. Addressing your metabolism problems opens the door to better and easier weight loss.

2. Too much dieting or too much exercise kills your metabolism and you will not lose weight. Your diet must be balanced with your exercise to keep your metabolism strong. One of the worst things you can do is under-eat.

3. Diet only and you will greatly slow down or stop losing weight after about three weeks. Dieting normally results in very strong cravings. Diet only and you will end up with a saggy body.

5. Eating small and often is one of the best approaches to weight loss

6. The only way to re-balance a top- or bottom-heavy body is fix your metabolism. The only way to shift stubborn fat, especially from your stomach, hips, and thighs, is to fix your metabolism.

7. Exercise is the only way to develop a really strong metabolism.

8. You must be breathless when you do your cardio exercise to really lose weight.

9. Toning exercise is more important than cardio for weight loss results.

10. System 10 weight loss combines metabolism correction, precision foods, realistic exercise, and loads of motivation to give you the best and easiest weight loss possible.

For more information or to get started contact Grace on (087 ) 1727882. System 10 clinics are held in Westport Leisure Park.


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