Finbar Hoban Presents goes to the movies

Finbar Hoban Presents... takes a trip to the movies on Saturday August 20 as a very special screening of the 1984 cult sci-fi classic The Terminator will take place at Bar Ritz in Castlebar.

Rarely has a film so frightened an audience as The Terminator. After its release in 1984, the extremely low-budget sci-fi action movie broke box office records, and gave audiences something more to fear.

In The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg, Cyberdyne system model 101, a T800, whatever that means. He has been sent back in time to assassinate the soon-to-be-mother of the future world leader, John Connor (who battles the machines in the future and leads an uprising ). If Connor is killed, then there will be no one to oppose the machines of the future, and they will triumph. This would be pretty bad. So the future John Connor has sent a protector back in time, to help save his mother. Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn ) tells Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton ) about the machine that is trying to kill her. "It can't be bargained with, it can't feel pain or mercy, and it will stop at absolutely nothing until you are dead!" Talk about a bad day.

Castlebar’s independent movie night as Finbar Hoban Presents... The Terminator plus there will be a 1960s popcorn machine on hand on the night to offer you the best "free" popcorn in the land.

In other news Finbar Hoban Presents will be moving to a new venue on Friday October 28, that’s right Finbar Hoban Presents will be joining up with Castlebar Celtic Clubhouse to bring you the ultimate Halloween Fancy Dress party with Adebisi Shank and very special guests to be announced shortly. Finbar would like to thank John Mulroy and the staff of Bar Ritz (Mulroys Bar ) for all their hard work and help in bringing live original music to Castlebar over the past three years and wishes the team all the success in their new venture. For more info on upcoming shows check out Finbar Hoban Presents on Twitter and Facebook for full updates.


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