New therapy practice opens in Castlebar

Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Amanda Walsh, a native of Castlebar, has opened her practice, Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis, in the IPI Centre, Breaffy Road, Castlebar. Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis offers Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH ) uncovered as one of the most evidence-based therapeutic interventions available today in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. CBH is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety, panic attacks, stress and social anxiety.

Hypnosis is essentially a cognitive (thought ) process, utilising naturally occurring physiological and psychological processes. It is a naturally occurring human ability and experience, involving the focusing of attention on a dominant sensation, feeling, thought, perception or behaviour.

The average number of sessions at Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis is between four and six.


Amanda provides a private, comfortable and safe environment for her clients. You are free to discuss your problems or difficulties openly and honestly. Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis is based in the IPI Centre, Breaffy Road, Castlebar. This location has ample free car parking. The location chosen from which to run the practice has client privacy in mind. Consultations are by appointment only, with confidentiality assured.

To read about, CBT, CBH, the medical and scientific approval of hypnosis or articles clarifying and demystifying the area of hypnosis and much more, visit Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis at

Amanda would like to take this opportunity to send a sincere thank you to Sinead Kelleher at Gifts Supreme, Linenhall Street, Castlebar, for all her help and support, much appreciated.


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