Work carried out on council houses with radon

Claremorris area a ‘hot spot’

Houses in the council’s housing stock, which were found to have above the recommended level of radon have been worked on, members of the housing SPC were informed on Monday.

Radon tests were carried out on houses and according to senior executive officer Padraic Flanagan where houses exceeded recommended levels, works were carried out in accordance with procedures advised by the Radiological Protection Institute. In the Claremorris area, which Mr Flanagan said was a ‘hot-spot’ for radon, works have been carried out on 24 houses.

Councillor Gerry Coyle said that old houses which had received grant aid for house insulation should be tested for radon to make sure the extra insulation has not allowed for a build up of radon. Cllr Annie Mae Reape agreed that if any grant aid is given for insulation a radon alarm be installed and the councillor urged that the whole issue of radon should be discussed more at council meetings.



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