Kilcoyne claims road sweeper is not sticking to rota

Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne at the June meeting of Castlebar Town Council claimed that the rota for road sweeping in the town as advertised by the council is not being adhered to.

“We have a list for the road sweeper as to where it will be and when, but it’s not being stuck to, what will be done about it?” Cllr Kilcoyne asked.

“I brought up this issue at a Castlebar area Mayo County Council meeting because we have two bought and paid for road sweepers sitting in the machinery yard in Moneen nearly full time, because we don’t have the people to drive them,” Cllr Frank Durcan told the meeting.

Fianna Fáil councillor Blackie Gavin said that the lack of road sweeping is affecting the people using the cycle lanes in the town. “There is a fierce build up of grit and stones in the cycle lane and it’s putting people off using it,” he said “They need to be swept regularly.”

Town manager Seamus Granahan said that he would look into the road sweeper issue and make sure that what has been published is followed.



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