Man denies hitting ex-girlfriend

A woman gave evidence at Ballina District Court this week that she was hit three times in the mouth by her ex-boyfriend, something which her ex-partner, who is also the father of her child, denies.

Winnie Maughan told the court that on the afternoon of April 19 2011 she was a passenger in the car with her friend. Her friend parked outside a shop on Circular Road, Ballina, and went in. Ms Maughan was left in the car and saw John Ferguson, 30 Circular Road, Ballina, drinking in his friend’s garden. He spoke to her and she then went over to him as he asked her about their baby, which is now in foster care.

Ms Maughan claimed that Ferguson asked her to get back with him and when she said no that “he lost control” and hit her with his fist in the mouth and snatched the chain which had the photo of their baby from her neck.

Ms Maughan then went to the gardaí. In court the defendant said that this incident could have been captured on CCTV from two shops next to where the alleged incident happened. This was the first time that Ms Maughan mentioned this.

Judge William Hamill said that this should be investigated and produced as evidence if available on June 28.


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