Mary Davis to seek nomination for president

Kiltimagh native Mary Davis launched her bid for a nomination to contest the upcoming election for the Presidency of Ireland in Dublin yesterday morning at the National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street. The 56-year-old, who is best known as the person who brought the Special Olympics to Ireland in 2003, will be seeking the backing of four county councils to get her name on the ballot paper for the election later this year.

Launching her campaign online, Ms Davis said: “Ireland needs a president who can represent our country abroad and present our unique strengths abroad, a president who can promote fairness and equality at home by being a voice for those who feel excluded, and a president who can support communities who work together to overcome difficulties. All my working life has been committed to delivering this change. I've seen at first hand the extraordinary communities who exist all over Ireland.

“Working with Special Olympics and before that at St Michael’s House, I have seen the potential families have when we believe in ourselves to overcome difficulties and create our own opportunities. Today, I work with over 58 countries and engage with world leaders and organisations to further the cause of inclusion and respect for those with disabilities. I want to build on this experience to be a practical president for the Irish people.”

Ms Davis is currently the managing director of Special Olympics Europe/Euraisa where she oversees the development of the Special Olympic games in 58 countries from Europe to Central Asia. She also currently sits on the Irish Council of State which advises current President Mary McAleese on her reserved powers. Ms Davis was appointed to this position by President McAleese in 2004 for her second term in the office. She also chairs the Task Force on Active Citizenship and the North South Consultative Conference. She is married with four children, two daughters and two sons.


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