Don’t end up a saggy weight loss mess

The truth about weight loss is that your plan must have three critical keys – metabolism, diet and exercise. You cannot lose weight properly without exercise or with liquid meal replacement diets or diet pills.

The two keys of weight loss are diet and exercise but you cannot forget about the third key - metabolism.


The first step in any weight loss plan should be to identify your key metabolism weak-spots and fix them. Metabolism faults like constipation (40 per cent adults ), undiagnosed slow thyroid (30 per cent adults ), digestive problems (40 per cent adults ), high blood sugar (50 per cent adults ), and hormone imbalances (60 per cent adults ) will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. Fixing your metabolism turns on your weight loss ‘switch’ and will make your weight loss much easier and much more successful.


Everyone understands the need to improve your diet for weight loss. However under-eating is as bad as over-eating. You should never eat less than 10 calories per pound of the target weight you want to achieve.


Exercise is absolutely critical to weight loss. You need both cardio and toning exercise. For most people four cardio sessions and two toning sessions per week is more than enough exercise. Exercise is the fastest way to speed up your metabolism. If you lose weight without exercise (especially toning ) you will end up a saggy mess.

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