Hypnosis and weight control

Are you struggling with shifting those extra pounds that have crept on? Are you lacking in motivation to do something about it because of previous attempts (and failures ) with diets? Well, if the answer is yes then hypnosis could be the solution.

What makes hypnosis so different for weight control and how does it differ from other diets, are two questions that hypnotists are frequently asked.

The first difference between hypnosis and “other diets” is that hypnosis is not a diet. To go “on” a diet suggests that at some stage you will come “off” it and this generally happens after a period of feeling starved, feeling deprived, or counting points. To feel healthy and maintain the weight loss and regain a sense of control, the mind must be working in harmony with the body. If the mind feels it is being deprived of “goodies” then the body will crave them and that is why we struggle on diets.

With hypnosis the subconscious part of the mind which governs our emotions and behaviours is changed while in a hypnotic trance, so that at the end of the first session the client no longer desires unhealthy foods or large portions and has a desire to do an appropriate amount of exercise. This is why hypnosis is so successful for weight control. Only by eating healthily and doing an appropriate amount of exercise appropriate to the individual will the client lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

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