Pregnancy— it’s all about the bump

Dietitian Heather Miller, who holds clinics in Balla and Castlebar, offers some advice on eating during pregnancy.

Nutrition during pregnancy is essential. The majority of organs and systems develop in the first few weeks of pregnancy, with the energy and nutrients for this derived from the mother’s circulation and the lining of her womb. Healthy eating is exactly the same as any other time in your life and eating for two is simply a myth. Make sure you have a varied diet made of the four main food groups – carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and dairy.

Try to:

Eat as healthily as possible. Studies show that an extra 300 calories are only needed in the last trimester in pregnancy.

Consume a good variety of fruit and vegetables.

Ensure you are taking folic acid daily up until at least the 12th week of pregnancy.

Limit your intake for vitamin A.

Cut out soft/un-pasteurised cheeses due to the possibility of listeria.

Be aware of salmonella – soft or partially boiled eggs or egg products such as homemade mousses or ice-cream, shell-fish, and undercooked meats and chicken.

Limit your intake of coffee to two per day and tea to three per day. Choose decaffeinated versions where possible.

Eat small frequent meals.

Take liquids apart from meals so that they do not fill you up.

Avoid sugary or spicy foods to alleviate heart burn.

Ensure you are sitting up while eating and wait for one hour after eating before lying down. Also do not exercise for at least two hours after eating.

If you would like further information, book an appointment with Heather Miller on 087 172 3664 or email [email protected]


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