Ballina to become more pedestrian friendly

Ballina could become a much more pedestrian friendly town if a motion by Fianna Fáil councillor Johnny O’Malley is implemented.

The motion to reduce the speed limit in the inner urban area from 50km to 40km received widespread support at Wednesday night’s town council meeting.

Cllr O’Malley made the point that since the new traffic system has come into affect in the town, cars have been moving faster and it is becoming harder and harder for pedestrians to cross the road.

Independent Cllr Gerry Ginty supported the motion. “It’s very much in the interest of the people in the town,” he said. “But we can reduce the speed limit as much as we like, it’s not going to achieve much unless it’s properly enforced and the people in the town pay attention to it.”

Independent councillor Mary Kelly was also very supportive of the motion but wanted an amendment made to it. “I’m all in favour of this idea, but we were trying to get an idea like this going before for the housing estates in the town,” she said. “I’d like to see an amendment made to this motion to include housing estates also.”

Cllr O’Malley was happy to have the amendment placed on the motion and the amendment was proposed and seconded by Cllr Kelly and seconded by Cllr Willie Nolan. Town engineer Michael O’Grady told the members that the idea was certainly one that should be given serious consideration.


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