Children and families will suffer in ‘recovery plan’

Children and families on low incomes will shoulder the burden as Ireland “secures its future”, according to the children’s charity, Barnardos, in its reaction to the government four-year austerity plan.

“Earlier in November, Barnardos launched its Dreading December campaign to highlight the reality on the ground for children and families who are already struggling to survive,” said Fergus Finlay, Barnardos’ CEO. “The reality right now is families are having their electricity cut off because they are in arrears, are increasingly relying on moneylenders to get through the month, and have already cut their grocery list to the bare minimum — they will be hit from all sides over the next four years.”

“Obviously, the devil will be in the detail on Budget day. What is clear to us is that families surviving on low incomes will be pushed to the edge and those already living in poverty will be plunged deeper into deprivation and desperation.”


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