Survey shows it will be a Guaranteed Irish Christmas

There is good news for Irish companies this Christmas as a recent survey has shown that a staggering 71 per cent of consumers will be making a conscious effort to buy Irish products this year. The survey, which was commissioned by leading Irish hamper company Town & Country Hampers, revealed that when faced with two similar products of different origin, consumers are more likely to choose the Irish product every time. The survey indicates that consumers have become more aware of the importance of purchasing Irish products with more than 92 per cent of those asked stating that they are now more conscious of where the products they buy come from.

“We’re delighted with the results as it confirms our own belief that when times are tough we like to support our own which will help maintain Irish jobs and stimulate the economy,” said Mary Leahy of Town & Country Hampers. “It’s benefiting local businesses and also is very popular with our clients who like to be seen to support local producers and businesses.”

Eighty two per cent of respondents to the questionnaire indicated that they have more trust in products which carry the Guaranteed Irish logo. The Guaranteed Irish logo helps consumers to establish not just the origins of a product but also creates awareness that they are supporting Irish jobs.


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