Facebook success for businesses

This week sees the opening of The Social Network, a film that portrays the Facebook success story. Facebook has 500 million users worldwide, 1.7 million of whom are in Ireland — so how can business target the phenomenon that is Facebook?

ARO explores how to set up a business page, update your wall, integrate applications into your business page, and how to use Facebook advertising as a cost effective tool.

Firstly, when setting up it is important to set up a ‘page’ rather than a ‘profile’. This will ensure you receive performance reporting and makes it more accessible for visitors as they do not need to be logged into Facebook to view your page.

Update your page with interesting, unique, funny, yet diplomatic and professional postings, and encourage dialogue. Sharing expert tips is an excellent way of showcasing your expertise on your brand page.

An excellent way to develop your brand personality on Facebook is to create a customised tab which is similar to how a webpage is built except it is integrated into the Facebook platform.

Facebook ads are among the most targeted and cost effective ways of online display advertising on the web and allow you target a very specific demographic based on a set of criteria such as age, interests, relationship status, job title, location, and educational background.

Social media marketing including Facebook is just one of the topics covered in Aró’s online marketing courses which start Wednesday October 20 running one day and one evening a week. More info on www.aro.ie/workshops or phone 091 597200.


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