Children need to be taught to be human

Radio presenter George Hook has said children, and especially male children, need to be taught how to be human again in order to ensure they forge deep and meaningful friendships that will continue into adulthood.

Commenting during an on-air discussion on the theme of dwindling friendships between men on his Newstalk 106 programme this week, Mr Hook noted that technology was taking over young people’s lives and suggested the only way to stop it was to keep children away from computers.

“Children now have online friends who aren’t human and can buy a virtual life online with everything they want in it, that actually isn’t real.”

He suggested the first route of tackling the problem was through the example set in the father-son relationships. “I’m sure many have never had a deep relationship with their fathers and if they haven’t they will find it difficult to forge some with other men.”

Adding that his own father had set a terrific example for him which had helped him talk openly with people and make lasting friendships over the years, Mr Hook stated, “We need people to hug each other and get back to the fact that we are human”.



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