Small crowd for Jesus no-show at Knock

Approximately 150 people turned up at Knock this week in the hope of witnessing a new miraculous apparation after self-proclaimed visionary Joe Coleman forecast another apparation, this time not of Our Lady, but Jesus Christ.

“I will keep this plain and simple. Jesus, the son of man, King of all nations will be present in Knock this Wednesday. You have my word on it,” declared Mr Coleman in advance of the date. Sadly no apparition came to light on the day and officials at Knock Shrine refused Mr Coleman entry to the apparition chapel.

Mr Coleman has now predicted nine apparitions in Ireland during 2009 and 2010 and while no documentary proof of any such visions have been secured, thousands have flocked to attend for the anticipated apparitions, and varying accounts of bright lights and shapes in the clouds have been reported. An RTE documentary on his continuing story is scheduled for broadcast next week.

Mr Coleman claims that the apparitions are directly related to the Second Coming of Jesus on the Earth, a time he says, which is drawing very close.

“The messages I have received from Our Lady over the last year are of great urgency for the world. She has told me that the Second Coming of Jesus on the Earth is going to happen shortly and it is vital that people seek conversion to save their souls and open their hearts again to God at a time when many people have stopped believing in Him. I do not want to frighten people but Our Lady has said to me that God is ever merciful, even up to the last minute. The Second Coming will mean a new beginning for all of us and a better place.”

The website was recently set up, reportedly by volunteers, ‘to promote the messages received by Joe Coleman’.


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