Westport vet pedals back home to Germany

A Westport vet has found a way to beat the traffic and the threat of volcanic ash — she is cycling all the way home to Germany. Katrin Hansmann, 28, has just finished a year working as a vet in Westport and is returning to her home town of Schwalmstadt, about 150km north of Frankfurt.

She is going to take the scenic route, having set out at the weekend cycling along the northern coastline through Derry and Antrim before travelling by ferry to Scotland. She will then pedal to the south of England where she will ferry to Calais in France and only then will she plan the rest of the itinerary. On her trip home she will have the road safety message “be safe be seen” printed on her high visibility vest to promote road safety. “With all the talk of smarter travel of late it got me thinking, so I decided to dust down my bike and make this journey and while doing it deliver an important road safety message, I'm not sure how long it will take to complete the trip,” said Ms Hansmann.


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