Verification needed for Child Benefit payments

Parents claiming Child Benefit are currently being contacted to verify their entitlement to payments. The move comes as the Government attempts to update Child Benefit records.

Mr Éamon Ó Cuív, TD, Minister for Social Protection, revealed this week that letters are issuing on a continuous basis to some 120,000 parents who receive Child Benefit payments. The initiative is part of the Department’s ongoing customer service and control work. Parents are asked to verify that they continue to reside in Ireland, that they satisfy the conditions for Child Benefit and that all details held by the Department are correct.

“I simply want to make sure parents are receiving what they are entitled to and that the information provided by them is up to date,” Minister Ó Cuív said. “It also means that payments are not being made to people who have left the jurisdiction. In this way we are ensuring that the resources we have are going to those who need them. I am fully aware of the importance to families of this monthly payment.”

The Department is asking parents who are contacted as part of the mailshot to respond as soon as possible. In particular, parents who have changed address but have not informed the Department are advised to update this information immediately.

Child Benefit is a non means tested, tax-free payment of €150 per month that is made in respect of more than 1.1 million children.


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