Make over your business image

In the current economic climate many businesses across the region are looking at ways to increase their sales figures. This feature aims to show business owners how signmakers and printers can help them to increase revenue by investing in some of their promotional products.

Pavement signs

Pavement signs are the most commonly used shop signs. Except for signs announcing the name or the logo of a company, most shops use pavement signs to attract your attention when you are walking around shopping in the high street. If you look around in your local shopping area you will notice that there are more pavement signs than you may think and these signs are often the most effective advertising tools available to shop owners.

Vehicle signage

Apart from the obvious benefits, vehicle signage will enhance your business in many ways. Vehicle graphics turn your vehicles into valuable assets. Wherever they go your name goes with them.

Vehicle signage is cost-effective. Though the upfront costs may be higher, think of it as a long-term investment in your business. Then there are the tax benefits, not to mention the advertising benefits.

Any branding increases community awareness and your business will have an increase in enquiries that you can turn into sales.

Flexible PVC banners

PVC banners are commonly referred to as vinyl banners. They are used as vinyl siding. They are used as a vibrant sign to draw attention to a new in-store display, boosting the morale in the office with graphics, as an outdoor sign to let the community know you are open and ready for business. PVC is a popular choice for banners, both full colour and party banners. They are lightweight and can be easily folded and carried. A good quality banner should be tear resistant. It should lie flat and be easily stored. Vinyl banners are usually waterproof so that there are no smudges. Full colour PVC banners are used to make a big impression and announce special events. These banners generate excitement and high visibility.

Shopfront signs and raised letters

Always a popular choice, raised lettering boasts numerous advantages over other alternatives. First, the finish is usually extremely long lasting. Also, due to this superior finish it is easy to clean the lettering with a simple wipe of a cloth at any time. Should the situation arise that the colour needs to be touched up or changed, it is relatively easy to repaint the individual letters, the whole sign does not need to be made again. In the event that you decide to move your business to a new premises, the 3D lettering can usually be removed and refitted with ease.

Where fascia is not available, there are still many alternatives available to suit every application. A very popular product in the absence of fascias, the folded box gives definition and depth to every sign. In areas that need to be noticed or have substantial passing traffic in the evenings, illuminated signs can be hugely effective. Adaptable to almost every application, 3D lettering can be fitted almost anywhere on your building facade. Particularly effective where traffic passes parallel to your building, and rarely views it straight on, a projecting sign can capture an audience that would otherwise pass you by.


Despite the explosion of e-marketing, high quality printed flyers, produced with eye-catching graphic design, still rule the roost as the single most cost-effective, high-impact marketing product available. If mass email messages and other forms of web-marketing are the Lambrini of effective promotion – tasteless, nasty and usually overlooked – then flyer printing is the Bollinger – effortlessly classy and far more effective then the alternatives. Whether you’re advertising a nightclub, promoting an event, or just trying to get your company message into the minds of as many of your target audience as possible, flyer printing should be a key part of your marketing strategy.


Brochures have many advantages over most other marketing tools available to you. Probably the most important advantage is that brochures can convey a lot of information about your business. Brochures can tell a detailed story about your business that cannot be told through display advertising. A brochure gives you the flexibility to communicate your message with both words and graphics.

Business cards

There are different marketing strategies companies use to attract customers and giving away a professional business card is one of the top and most convenient ways to advertise one’s business. New contacts can do wonders for a company, new clients and contacts are what get your business going. They are the ticket to your business’ bright future and make you memorable in a competitive industry.

Like any marketing gimmick your business card becomes your representative. That is why, when having your business card designed, you should keep in mind the words that describe your business and the image your business wants to portray. Like a logo, your business card will mark your brand.

A professional business card should be impressive, so it makes people notice you and your business.



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