Pregnancy and labour reflexology

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to use during pregnancy and labour. It will not interfere with the viability of the pregnancy but some clients may prefer to wait until after the 12th week to avail of the benefits.

Reflexology helps to relieve indigestion, lower back pain, haemorrhoids, constipation, heartburn, improves sleep, gives mum to be better energy, clears headaches, reduces and normalises high blood pressure, normalises low blood pressure, eliminates oedema, and reduces swelling in feet and ankles.

The benefits of a reflexology treatment during pregnancy and labour are numerous including the reduction of morning sickness, all day sickness, and vomiting which persists past the three-month stage of the pregnancy.

Reflexology is recommended by the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin, for this problem.

  Reflexology can be used during labour to help boost energy levels, and aids deep muscle relaxation between contractions. It helps pain control by stimulating the production of natural endorphins.

After the birth, reflexology babies are very calm, suckle better, and are less prone to colic.

Using reflexology after labour can help expel a retained placenta, can promote rapid healing of episiotomies, will encourage breast milk production, and can help relieve urinary retention.


Baby reflexology

This is excellent for boosting the immune system, easing colic, wind, reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, teething pains, and ear congestion.

It is gentle and calming for your baby, allowing you to feel confident coping with your baby's needs 24 hours a day.

Learn easy techniques in Geraldine Higgins’ fun, hands-on, workshops. Reflexology is covered by VHI, Quinn healthcare, and Hibernian Avivas. To find out more contact Geraldine Higgins, Castle, Cloghans, Ballina, on 096 22504, 086 893 9103 or email [email protected]



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