Put a spring in your step

With the first signs of spring in the air, April is the perfect time to get motivated and get moving again. The advice from probiotic experts, Yakult, is that exercise and good gut health are directly linked.

A story that might inspire is that of Joan Geraghty. Ms Geraghty spent most of her life battling with the lack of enthusiasm most of us can feel towards physical exercise. However in 2006, after realising the gym wasn’t for her, she tried running outdoors. Within two years Joan was competing in marathons and was on her way to finishing her first book, Anyone Can Run.

To help kick start spring, Yakult has teamed up with Joan Geraghty to help get you on the move with some top tips for fitness success:

Find a way to exercise that is enjoyable

Set yourself achievable goals. Build up slowly and at your own pace.

Consult a fitness expert.

Diet — healthy eating combined with a daily probiotic, such as Yakult, will help your body recover from a workout and will prevent you from becoming run-down.

Build exercise into your daily routine.

Remember, the key is to get your heart rate going, and you’ll get your digestive going too.

Yakult’s Inside Out diet book also offers free advice on health and lifestyle and is available free to download from www.yakult.ie More advice and insight can be found in Joan Geraghty’s books Fit For Success and Anyone Can Run, published by Currach Press.


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